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Alkam d. o. o. Kamnik
Ljubljanska cesta 63C
1241 Kamnik
tax number: SI55069347

T +386 (0)1 83 08 200

Our team of experts

Alkam from Kamnik, Slovenia, brings together a team of experts proficient in the manufacture and installation of ventilated suspended facades, glass facades, aluminium windows and doors, balcony glazing and other structural components for buildings. Our construction projects encompass a diverse array of building types, including commercial buildings, schools, kindergartens, student campuses, shopping centers, apartment buildings, private residences, and luxury villas.

Alkam offers a complete customer service:
  • Project design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Certification

For 33 years, we have been meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations

Through our customized approach, extensive expertise, and over three decades of experience in constructing intricate buildings, coupled with a deep understanding of diverse materials and meticulous execution of even the most minute details, we consistently surpass our clients’ expectations. Our team of experienced installers plays a critical role in achieving a seamless execution of the work on site during the installation process.

We believe in continuous improvement and are always open to new challenges and opportunities.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our top-notch machinery and transport equipment provide unparalleled flexibility. Our expertise enables us to proficiently install even the most complex structures.

Vehicles and assembly machinery

Our transport vehicle pool comprises vehicles, lifts and machinery such as:

  • Vacuum suction devices for mounting heavy glass
  • Truck-Mounted Cranes
  • Robotic mini elevators
  • 7 freight vehicles adapted for the transport of glass and structures
  • Lifting platform
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Automated and digitally controlled production

We take pride in our modern production facility equipped with automated and digitally controlled machines. Our investments into cutting-edge technology ensures that our machines and software are always up-to-date. Our production process relies on the utilization of CNC machines that are equipped with specialized programs for working with sheet metal and profiles. This allows us to manufacture a wide range of shapes and dimensions, including complex and intricate machining.

  • CNC panel saw for cutting Panhans panels
  • CNC machining centre for facade panels
  • CNC shears for cutting sheet metal
  • Jansen rotary welding table
  • Saw for cutting metal profiles
  • Corner pressing machine

Choose any colour for your facade, windows or doors

Customers can design their buildings in any colour they wish. Our automated powder coating line for profiles, sheet metal and other products with a capacity of more than 3 t/day enables fast colour changes.

Powder coating involves pre-treating the products to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared for optimum coating adhesion.

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Reviews from our partners

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Boris Pihke
Pihke d.o.o.
Alkam je izvedel ALU in steklarska fasadna dela na objektu Business Golden Palace. Alkam je v celoti upošteval naše zahteve, spoštoval pogodbena določila in izvedel gradnjo skladno s predpisi. Njihovo delo ocenjujemo kot strokovno in kakovostno.
Luka Hočevar

Tosidos d. o. o.


Our employees

We are a team of more than 50 people; civil and mechanical engineers, project designers, CNC machine experts, production workers and external assembly partners, who deliver quality, efficient projects and ensure business compliance.

Job openings


If you are interested in joining us, please fill in the form below and send us your CV.

You can also send your job application to or by post to our address.

Certificates and ratings

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Certificates and ratings


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