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Fire resistant walls, doors and windows – for safer buildings

Building laws, regulations, and standards play a crucial role in establishing safety requirements within structures. They enforce measures for fire protection, facilitating efficient evacuation, safeguarding individuals and property, and enabling effective firefighting operations.
Depending on the intended use of the building and the security requirements, the walls, doors and windows are of different fire resistance classes. The glass to be installed in such elements must have the same fire resistance class as the doors or windows and is specified by a certificate or technical approval. This is the only way to ensure adequate fire performance of the element as a whole.

Certified fire resistant walls, doors and windows

Fire resistant walls, doors and windows are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire. Fire protection elements are made of aluminium or iron and are resistant to fire and heat. The elements are available in different fire protection classes; E 30, EI30, EI 60, EI 90.We have all the necessary certificates and technical approvals for the manufacturing of such special products.

Every fire-resistant element is not automatically smoke-tight. This is the job of smoke barriers, which provide optimum protection against the gases from fire by means of a special sealing system.

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Fire doors for rapid evacuation

Fire doors allow for quick evacuation from the building in the event of a fire. Fire doors must always be fitted with a self-closing device to ensure that the door closes automatically in the event of a fire. The self-closing device can be visible or concealed. Depending on the installation area, fire doors can be equipped with additional functions, e.g. burglar or smoke protection, and fitted with a seal to prevent the ingress of smoke and gases.

Fire doors are usually installed in the walls separating the fire-risk parts of a building from other rooms.

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Fire windows – for fixed glazing and opening windows

In addition to fixed glazing, we also manufacture fire windows that can be opened. Like doors, fire windows must also always be fitted with a self-closing mechanism.
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Fire walls

Fire walls are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke from one part of the building to another. Unlike conventional walls, fire walls are made of special materials that provide resistance to fire and heat. Properly installed and designed firewalls are key to damage minimization in the event of a fire.

Each fire element must be manufactured in accordance with the applicable certificate of conformity and shall bear an identification plate showing its characteristics. Alkam has a rigorous internal control system for the production of fire protection components and our production is regularly inspected by accredited institutions.

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