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Glass balustrades and canopies – top quality production

When choosing glass canopies and glass balustrades, it is important to consider the quality of the glass and the installation method so as to ensure the safety and durability of the solution.

Glass balustrades – for stylish & modern homes and other buildings

There are many different glass applications and fixing methods for glass balustrades.
Glass panels can be mounted between or in front of posts (balusters), on brackets or in a special system profile.
A glass stair railing can be mounted in an aluminium system profile or on special stainless steel brackets at the side of the balcony or stairs. It is also possible to mount the glass balustrade into a special rail embedded in the screed, or on an previously laid substrate. Glass railings are made exclusively of tempered laminated glass.

Our experts can provide solutions for even the most complex details, including the dimensioning of the support structure and glass elements. Certified and standardised glass railing systems and high quality workmanship guarantee a long service life.

High-quality glass balustrades in a variety of shapes

The specific visual effect of the balustrade is achieved by playing with its height and shape, and with appropriate finish or handrail available in a variety of shapes and materials.

Glass canopies – innovation and elegance for your outdoor space

Glass canopies are a modern solution providing protection against sun and rain, while at the same time allowing more natural light to pass through.

High-quality systems and materials, including structures, fittings and glass, ensure canopy safety and long service life. Glass canopies exhibit a stylish and sleek design, and are durable and weather-resistant.

The premium aesthetic of a building with a canopy is achieved by mounting the glass in a profile that is built into the facade (in the thermal insulation layer). Another common mounting choice for architects is the cable-stayed canopy (visible or invisible fixtures). The glass used for canopies can be transparent, patterned (dots, stripes, circles, etc.) or reflective.

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