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Glass facades for today’s buildings

Elegant glass facades are a hallmark of contemporary architectural design. Alkam designs, manufactures and installs modern, energy-efficient glass facades with a primary aluminium construction, distinguished by their long service life.

Customized designs for every requirement

Whether aiming for an urban-focused facade or a functionally oriented door and window system, there are always specific designs that can perfectly cater to clients’ requirements and preferences. Glass facades offer a number of practical advantages that frequently make them the first choice for investors and architects.

5 advantages of glass facades

Design adaptability

Aesthetic appeal

Durability and long service life

Energy efficiency


Solutions of all types

The construction principle is similar for all glass facades.

Depending on aesthetic and economic requirements, you can choose between:

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Structural facade

In a structural glass facade, glass is invisibly integrated into the supporting aluminium structure. The glass is mounted on the aluminium structure using a special clamping technique, and contact between the panes are covered with a special UV-resistant and permanently elastic putty.

In a structural facade, the windows are practically invisible from the outside, as the aluminium profiles are only placed on the inside, while on the outside the glass covers the profiles, thus ensuring the overall unified appearance of the glass surface of the entire facade.

Alkam d.o.o. FW 50 plus SI k Alu Andruckprofil polstrukturna

Semi-structural facade

An elegant appearance is achieved in a semi-structural or slate-covered glass facade, where the glass is embedded within a visible aluminum slate that forms part of the supporting structure.

The width of the covering slates can be chosen from the most minimalistic to strongly accentuated.

Alkam d.o.o. FW 50 plus SG SI k Edelstahl Abstandshalter Deckschale kombinacija

Combination of a slate-covered facade and a structural facade

A combination of a slate-covered facade and a structural facade is possible, where the glass is invisibly bonded to the aluminium substructure in one direction (vertically or horizontally) and the glass is clamped to the cover slates in the other direction.

For all building types

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Public buildings

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Office buildings

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Commercial & residential

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Commercial & residential

LIdl slovenčeva

Shopping centres

Zasebne vile

Private villas and homes

Design possibilities of glass facades are almost endless.

They allow for the installation of different elements:

  • Windows with different opening options (axial-tilt, parallel-opening, tilt-slide, louvre window, etc.),
  • Panoramic windows with a large surface area, e.g. 2×4 m
  • Doors,
  • Sliding elements,
  • Blinds and
  • Panels made of different materials. 
Architects often face limitations in realizing their design ideas due to the constraints of the building materials they work with.  However, the advent of glass bending technology has brought about significant advancements in the realm of glass facades, alleviating many of these limitations. In the past two decades, remarkable progress has been made in production processes and glass varieties, resulting in smaller bending radii, wider panels, and expanded overall dimensions.  This breakthrough enables architects to unleash their design creativity by exploring new surface treatments, intricate contours, and unique shapes. Additionally, the ability to transform sharp corners and edges into graceful curves adds an extra touch of elegance to architectural compositions.

Construction and installation of curved glass facades by Alkam

With our profound expertise in construction and installation, Alkam specializes in curved glass facades, enabling buildings to exude the captivating charm of oval or circular shapes, among others. For curved facades, meticulous preparation and obtaining precise measurements from all on-site contractors become especially crucial, emphasizing the utmost importance of close collaboration with each contractor involved.

We work with renowned manufacturers of glass facade structures  and systems such as Schüco, Wicona, Raico, Metra, Feal …

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Curved glass facade
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