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Interior partition walls – flexibility at all times

We specialize in manufacturing and installing personalized interior partition walls, meticulously designed to fulfill the unique needs of our clients.

These partitions, crafted from materials like wood, metal, or glass, offer the flexibility to be relocated at any time, even during active business operations. By creating distinct spaces, these partitions facilitate the establishment of a sustainable work environment that readily adapts to changes in organizational structure or work processes.

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Glass partition walls are suitable for every architectural project

The installation of glass walls can easily be adjusted to the architectural characteristics of the space and the client’s wishes. Installation can be carried out before or after the ceiling, wall and floor finishes. The removal of glass walls is a straightforward and discreet process, causing minimal disruption. The design of glass walls varies from fixed glazing systems and glazing systems with openings, to folding glazing systems.
Glass partition walls exude a sense of sophistication and elegance. They are frequently the preferred solution in areas such as corridors, draught lobbies, lobbies, offices, and other spaces where:
  • separation is required,
  • greater transparency is desirable,
  • you want to create a sense of openness and connectedness,
  • you want to preserve natural light.
Glass partitions are made of tempered or laminated glass for greater safety, as such glass is more resistant to impact and bending, while providing good acoustic insulation.

Solid interior partition walls

Solid interior partition walls are the perfect choice when aiming to conceal electrical installations within the wall or introduce greater diversity within a room. Reconstructed walls can also be aesthetically pleasing, combining glass and other materials in vertical or horizontal dimensions.
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ALKAM 5 interior partition wall

ALKAM 5 is a prefabricated removable interior partition wall made of lacquered or anodised aluminium profiles. As an alternative, the core layer can consist of either glass or double chipboard panels measuring 13 and 16 mm in thickness, with 30 mm of insulation sandwiched in between. The chipboard panel cladding can include veneer, PVC wallpaper or laminate.

The majority of customers opt for glass partitions featuring clear double glazing with thicknesses of 4 and 6 mm, separated by a 30 mm gap.

You can opt for interstitial blinds integrated into double glazing with slats that can be tilted or lifted.

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Interior partition doors with standard fittings

Passage doors can be fitted with standard fittings, a door handle and a cylinder lock. You can also opt for cabinets built into a wall. The standard vertical grid is 980 mm, allowing the arrangement of doors, cabinets, core layer and glass to be modified easily. This makes it quick and easy to dismantle the partition wall and reassemble it elsewhere. The vertical grid can be adjusted to a larger or smaller one in line with the customer’s needs.

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