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Ventilated facades for new construction projects and building renovations

Facade cladding that does not touch the wall and insulation

A ventilated facade system is a wall cladding system consisting of a metal or timber support structure attached to the wall by beams and anchors. A layer of facade panels, thermal insulation and a vapour barrier membrane is placed on top of the support structure.

Alkam d.o.o. Skica fasade

Energy-saving construction for winter and summer

The benefits of a ventilated facade include the air channel between the thermal insulation and the external facade cladding, which creates natural air ventilation effectively preventing the buildup of moisture that may transfer from the interior to the exterior environment through the wall and insulation.

 Ventilated facades prevent indoor spaces from overheating in summer and cooling too quickly in winter. 

It is important that there is sufficient clearance for air to enter underneath the lower part of the cladding and for the air to exit at the upper part of the cladding.

Ventilated facade cladding materials offer a wide range of solutions

The number of materials suitable for the external cladding of ventilated facades has increased in recent years. The market keeps offering ever new solutions. The range of shapes and colours is very broad. At Alkam we supply and install all types of facade cladding, the most common being:

  • Aluminium composite panels: Alpolic, Alucobond, …
  • Aluminium sheet (powder-coated or anodised)
  • Corten steel sheet
  • Ceramic tiles: Moeding, Creaton-Tonality, NBK, …
  • Compact panels: Trespa, Resopal, Fundermax, …
  • Fibre cement panels: Swisspearl, Cembrit, Equitone, …
  • Aluminium expanded sheets (powder-coated or anodised)
  • Aluminium perforated louvres
We make recommendations on the most suitable external cladding for each project.
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Facade with Alpolic composite panels

Features of the best ventilated facades

of design


mechanical resistance

Low weight

Efficient thermal
and acoustic insulation

Excellent protection
against varying weather conditions

Alkam d.o.o. NOBEL Vila 2.jpg
Ventilated facade, Nobl Villa

Ventilated facade for optimal aesthetic solutions and energy efficiency

Linear or curved? In any case, a ventilated facade facilitates energy savings and optimum functionality of buildings, as well as a prestigious appearance and lasting beauty.

Ventilated facades provide effective thermal and acoustic insulation to the building. The external cladding of a ventilated facade effectively protects the internal assembly from the elements:

  • rain,
  • wind,
  • snow and
  • UV rays.

The advantages of ventilated facades include mechanical resistance and low weight, but above all, they also allow for any subsequent interventions on the building, such as the making new installations under the facade cladding.

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